• Bio I came out of the vault into the unforgiving wasteland, and I'm now here today. THERE'S ANOTHER SETTLEMENT THAT NEEDS OUR HELP!!! HERE I'LL MARK IT ON YOUR MAP!!!!
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  • CheesyMcBurger

    Robin: Alright Titans. Get ready to fight Galactus.

    Raven: The Devourer of Planets.

    Robin: Titans G-

    Iron Man: *lands in* Back off kids let the real super heroes take care of this.

    Robin: We're just as capleble as you guys!

    Avengers: *laugh*

    Titans (excluding Robin) *laugh*

    Robin: Titans, let's go. *Titans Leave*

    Avengers: *fight Galactus*

    (One day later the avengers win)

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