Ttg propd charrobin
Alias Dick Grayson
Red X
Sex male
Species human
Relatives Batman (Adoptive Father)
The Flying Graysons (Biologic Family; deceased)
Friends Starfire (Love interest)
Batgirl (Love Interest)
Beast Boy
Alfred Pennyworth
Enemies Deathstroke (Arch enemy)
The Joker
Brother Blood
Ras al Ghul
Occupation Sidekick
Status alive
Residence Gotham City
Jump City
Quote1 Titans,GO! Quote2
--Robin's catchphrase

Robin (aka Richard "Dick," Grayson) is Batman's former sidekick and the leader of the Teen Titans.


Dick used to be part of a the Flying Graysons, until they were killed by a mob boss named Zuko. He was taken in by Bruce Wayne, until he discovered the Batcave. He was then trained under Batman's wing and became Robin. He eventually left Batman so he could become his own hero. He assembled the Teen Titans in which he was the leader. Later, he left the Titans, went back to batman, and became Nightwing.

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