Invader zim wallpaper by mrwednesday7-d4xdf2l

From Left To Right: Gaz,Human Zim, Zim, Gir, Dib

Invader Zim is an American television show that aired on Nickelodeon on March 30, 2001.


The story features around a plan of aliens called Irkans name "Operation: Impending Doom II." Invaders are assigned a planet to learn the weaknesses of so they can invade. Unfortunately, one Invader named Zim (who ruined the plans of Operation: Impending Doom I) cam back. The Almighty Tallests, the leader of the Irkans, sent him to Earth (which they didn't think existed). Zim (along with his robot sidekick, Gir, who is disguised as a dog) live on earth disguised as a human boy with a skin condition who goes to the local school. Antagonized by Dib, a young paranormal investigator, who tries to prove he's an alien.


  • It was cancelled in its second season.

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